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YPF Housing Units - Barrio 31

Location: City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The YPF Housing project is part of the redevelopment of Barrio 31 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aire. This neighborhood is one of the oldest informal settlements in the capital of the country, with a population of more than 35,000 inhabitants, very little infrastructure and a great lack of social and environmental services.

The idea of the housing project is to take an area used at this time for YPF company warehouses and renovate it with apartment units for families living today in the neighborhood.

It was decided to obtain an EDGE certification, as part of the program to promote environmental care, as well as reduction of electricity and water consumption.

The project obtained the FINAL EDGE certification in 2019.


YPF Housing Units - Barrio 31

Scope of work by Green Group:

  • Design & Construction Audit
  • EDGE Certification



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