PEER - Certification Program for Electrical Infrastructure

PEER is designed to transform the energy industry into a more sustainable one by providing operators with a framework for continuous evaluation of improvement and performance through its certification program.

As a first step towards certification, the PEER detection method allows projects to complete an independent performance evaluation while analyzing the case for necessary investment. PEER uses a method to inform and be able to build or adapt existing energy networks, quantify the value produced to date, identify new opportunities for improvement and create a plan for certification.

In Green Group we have specialists in the field to define, evaluate and verify sustainable global performance, the design of the electricity supply system and operations. The process allows project teams to assess their current status, develop improvement strategies, and verify the value of system changes.

The PEER certification program measures and improves the performance of the power system and electricity supply systems. Through PEER, electricity networks can gain a competitive advantage by differentiating performance, documenting the value produced and demonstrating significant results.

PEER evaluates the generation, transmission, and distribution systems through the desired results, which include efficiency, reliability, its resilience and the environment.