LEED Certified
New Construction


Location: Lavallol, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Bridgestone project focuses on the development of a distinctive and sustainable design to create a training center.
This training center will have a workshop, training room, vehicle service, reception, restrooms, and a changing room for cyclists and runners.

The new building located at the Bridgestone Central Plant, in Llavallol, province of Buenos Aires, will take advantage of natural resources to minimize environmental impact.

The general design objectives for this sustainable building takes into account a set of new measures related to: sustainable site planning in consideration to the environment, rational use of water, responsible material selection, waste management , and indoor environmental quality.



Scope of work by Green Group:

  • Diagnostic and Feasibility Analysis
  • LEED Certification
  • Commissioning
  • Energy Simulation


Bridgestone - Pictures