A certified product gains the trust of consumers and results in a differentiation over the market. Certified products offer the consumer the ability to identify compliance with quality standards and assist him in quick decisions in favor of the product.

The product is presented with a better image in national and international markets resulting in:

  • Mutual recognition schemes between regional and international countries;
  • Better acceptance and promotion of new products in the markets;
  • Increase the image and reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Respond to clients aspiring to certify LEED;
  • Generate information that can be used for further improvements;
  • Expand the scope of the internal / external market;Earn recognition among companies;
  • Demonstrates transparency and credibility to its customers;
  • It maintains its products as a pioneer in the market;


It also increases protection against unfair competition from inferior products in the market through:

  • The easy identification of the products that conform to a Quality Standard
  • Government and international organizations rely on certified products for their purchases


The certification system provides technical auditing of product quality procedures and control of its processes. This means that the manufacturer not only receives a seal but there is a sustainable technical advice service behind it.